Multi-Channel Distribution.

We engage the sophisticated investor as well as new entrants to the capital markets. Hyper-focused on simple information and charismatic delivery, we tap multiple channels with different distribution stratgies. 

and Contemporary Reach


Podcast Network: Taking advantage of the long-form format, spotlight your company’s narrative and level up your brand visibility. We’re on Spotify, Apple Music, and wherever podcasts are available.

Localized, Targeted Radio: Powered by MONEYTALK Radio and syndicated on Thompson Reuters, Bloomberg and Yahoo Finance, diversify your reach even further with radio.

Social Media & Forums: Establish a compelling digital presence on platforms we’re active on, including YouTube and X.

Immediate Access:

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Ellis Martin, Founder

Ellis is a thought leader recognized for dynamic conversations with executives and investors. With a crisp wit, he equips a global investor base with insights needed for making informed decisions. His widely respected media impact and speaking engagements make him a powerful force in the investment community.

Ellis Martin is a thought leader who brings a crisp wit and engaging pace to his in-depth and focused conversations with executives.